Dont Mess Around On Mom – S3:E6

How could anyone cheat on a busty gem like Payton Preslee? When Payton goes to use her husband’s computer, she discovers that he’s been unfaithful, and with her own sister to boot. She has been so good to her hubby, even going out of her way to be a good stepmom to her husband’s son, Charlie. No more of that. While she’s still reeling from this new development, Payton tries to figure out what she’s going to do. She’s understandably pissed, so when she decides to get even, she knows just how to proceed. Charlie is about to learn that he’s instrumental at Payton’s plot to get back at her cheating soon-to-be-ex.Setting the stage by hopping into the tub, Payton works on shaving her downstairs area. Once she’s nice and smooth, she calls Charlie to come help her out. Charlie comes to the bathroom, and is understandably shocked when he finds his bigtit stepmama naked and waiting for him in the bath. It takes a bit of coaxing on Payton’s part, but she eventually gets Charlie to give her a pussy fingering right there in the tub. She can tell that Charlie is really hard, so she gets him to let her pull that fuck stick out and blow him as she continues to kneel in the tub. They’re committed now, with Charlie agreeing to help cuck his dad, so Payton dries off and they head to the living room.Once they’ve relocated somewhere a bit more comfortable, Payton gets her stepson’s cock back in her mouth to enjoy another round of blowing him. When Charlie gets on the couch, Payton climbs aboard to ride him in cowgirl. Her big boobs bouncing away are everything Charlie wants, although there’s a close second place when Payton turns around for some reverse cowgirl and Charlie gets to enjoy that ass. It’s only natural for reverse cowgirl to lead to Payton on her knees, urging Charlie to fuck her in doggy. They relocate to a chair, which is the perfect location for them to come together one last time. When Payton knows Charlie is getting ready to pop, she gets on the floor so he can cover her face in his cum shot to leave her dripping and satisfied that she’s gotten even with her husband.